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Susan and I send you our wishes for a Healthy and Happy 2020! Taking a quick look back at the previous year it was a tough one for us. Truly sad to see Joe DeAngelis retire from the band. We also lost Bill Adcock who was one of the original road crew for Thundermug. On an exceptionally bright note the entrance into our lives of granddaughter Jessie Moses was a massive positive event of love and joy for us.

I would like to thank all the musicians I played with in 2019. Sharing the joy of playing music is very healing for me and I appreciate each and every note we played together. Speaking of sharing I would like to thank my fans for your support. Thank you for coming to my shows. It was very good to see you and to play for you. I'm looking forward to seeing you in 2020.

I believe the decade ahead will be filled with massive change. Music will be more important than ever as spiritual healer and as inspiration for those fighting for a better world. See you in 2020.

- BD

Welcome 2020 and The New Decade!

Official Videos!

Official Videos

Sweet Mother of God, what have I just heard?!? This is the 5th solo album by former Thundermug guitarist Bill Durst from Stratford, Ontario, and it’s one of the most exciting records I have heard in a very long time.       Continue Reading...


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