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My Dear Sweet Susan passed away on February 23, 2020. Words cannot describe. The most shocking, difficult, mind and heart blowing event I have ever had to face. If you are going through the loss of a spouse please hang in there because it does get better. Life slowly brings you back to yourself. First I am beyond grateful to Susan’s son Aaron and his partner Ashley and the two wonderful grandchildren Emily and Jessie for helping me through this time. My deeply felt gratitude to the Durst family and my family of friends and all of you who sent your thoughts and prayers, messages and love and support. I felt your wishes and they helped me greatly. I love you and hope you are surviving well in these crazy times. We will be holding Susan’s Celebration of Life at an appropriate time in the future.

The next part of the story takes place thirty one days after Susan’s passing.

Many people say they feel the hand of Susan in this situation. What do you think…?

The Saddest Winter To The Most Beautiful Summer 2020

I was sitting on the porch when my phone rang and a well spoken young man informed me in a very polite manner that I was his father!!! As we talked it became apparent this may well be the case. A DNA test later and we were a match!!!

OMG. What!!! He is so much like me it’s scary. I kind of feel sorry for him. His name is Steve Marlin.

Now hang on…This is where the Walt Disney Movie kicks in (and also my proud Father bragging rights!). Among many other things my son won the battle of the bands as best singer in high school. He played Junior Hockey for several Southwestern Ontario teams. My boy was trained as a classical violinist as a child. Now he plays keyboards and guitar and sings and writes. Steve and his better half Lucy both have degrees in psychology. Lucy’s father is a lifelong musician and activist. Lucy has a very pretty voice, plays the guitar, bass, keyboards and writes and arranges. 

Wait for it…
They have four children. My beautiful new grandchildren. The oldest is Maria, 11 years old ,the only girl, a talented singer and guitar player. The next is Wilder at 9 years of age, singer, announcer and a “play a melody over anything” kind of keyboard player. Mateo or Mathew at the age of 7 years is a Master of Ceremonies, a singer and has just asked for an “Electric Rock Guitar”and Solomon at the age of 5 years old is a singer, arranger extraordinaire. The family are all intuitive musicians. They all harmonize and arrange and write original songs. They have a family band. The Marlin Family Band!

How mind and heart boggling is that? What kind of fabulous universe did the bunch of us enter. They were equally blown away to find out I was a musician as well. How fantastically beautiful is all that ? Thanks Susan.

So to conclude all I can say for now is… Love to You from a Stunned and Amazed and Very Grateful. BD

PS did I mention I will have a new album out VERY SOON!. Well….I guess I just did. Thanks.

PPS I am playing in Ontario on Friday, July 31at a live, government sanctioned event. Please see the Shows Page.

Below is a video of The Marlin Family Band doing two songs. This is only the third time they have played on a stage in front of people as a family. They are playing at a fund raiser. Solomon was 4 years old in the video and insisted on doing the second song and insisted on the arrangement.

The man who introduces the family at the beginning of the video is none other than Lucy’s musician father Patrick Mullin. The family is so charming. Of course a proud Dad and Grandpa would think so. Check it out! (And by the way, no they don’t have a CD…yet.)

Sweet Mother of God, what have I just heard?!? This is the 5th solo album by former Thundermug guitarist Bill Durst from Stratford, Ontario, and it’s one of the most exciting records I have heard in a very long time.       Continue Reading...


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