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We are already twenty years into the 21st Century! Wow! Perhaps it's time to take a look back. Time to imagine the kind of place we want in the future. Open or closed? Hateful or loving? It's a good thing that: Compassion rules oppression, Hope destroys cruelty and Love conquers all!

We had an amazing stay in Jamaica in January as part of a gang of eight band leaders billed as 'The Ja Ladies of the Blues'. I was the lone 'Honorary Lady' dude. It was a unique experience which provided healing and joy to all present. In 1997 a very much loved Jamaican singer named Gregory Issacs took one of my songs and recorded it as the title song of his album 'Happy As A King'. Check out his

Wikipedia. One of our Jamaican friends upon hearing the news of my Gregory Issacs connection declared I was now a true Jamaican. That felt good. Ya Mon.

Joe DeAngelis is going to do a bit of back surgery sometime soon this year. I will let you know when it happens. All the best wishes and prayers to Joe for a smooth procedure and an awesome recovery. Right now, I've got to send him some new song tracks. Shows page will be duly updated.

Take it easy. Talk soon. As Susan says 'Peace, Love and Always Music'. B.

The Last Year Of The Decade

Official Videos!

Official Videos

Sweet Mother of God, what have I just heard?!? This is the 5th solo album by former Thundermug guitarist Bill Durst from Stratford, Ontario, and it’s one of the most exciting records I have heard in a very long time.       Continue Reading...


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