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Hard Fought Freedom from Fearsome Pandemic Forecast for Near Future!
Happy Spring and Summer Anyway

What an amazing time we are living through…

It is a time requiring us to reach deeply into inner reserves of courage, compassion and love. Patience and perseverance are daily companions. As are the sneaky and unexpected visits of the Blues…sometimes dressed in robin egg blue and at other times dark purple. Also the lethargy. More napping than I already do.

Humans need humans. When separated we atrophy personally and socially.

Perhaps this is an excellent time to find your bliss.
Question: What really turns you on and makes you feel alive and excited? There is something that you’ve always wanted to connect with…delay no longer. Research. Explore. Make a move.

All of us can benefit spiritually and physiologically from the performance of a single light-bringing act…do something nice for someone. Help someone who needs help.
“A small kind act brings a Big Love back”.

As for me I believe that I will be playing shows in 2022. Trust me …my knees are trembling at the idea of gathering with music lovers.

I have the opportunity to write and record a new CD this year and as I have been saying for the last year (Covid time is s l o w time) the reissue of “Who’s Running My World?” is at hand. By the way Holy!… the remastering by Dan Brodbeck sounds better than amazing.

I have the awesome experience in my life of having six unique and wonderful grandchildren. They are all a complete joy to me not to mention the four people who are their parents (who have helped me immeasurably). This is what keeps me going. I care about their future. Lots of work to do.

Take heart. Get your shot. Together we can rebuild a safe space for everyone… one vaccinated person at a time.

And finally, I am healing slowly but surely from the loss of my partner Susan. The Covid ripped me off for hugs after she passed. Her life celebrations had to be cancelled. That was March 2020. I’m just saying…when the right time comes expect a Big Hug from me. Oh yeah…Have a Happy and Safe Spring/Summer 2021!

Peace Love and Always Music,

Sweet Mother of God, what have I just heard?!? This is the 5th solo album by former Thundermug guitarist Bill Durst from Stratford, Ontario, and it’s one of the most exciting records I have heard in a very long time.       Continue Reading...


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