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In 1978 I was being harrassed by my bandmates in Thundermug for tuning my guitar too much during live shows.  It was true.  So the cry became 'Bill needs a new guitar'.  Finally I agreed to get a new SG. The road crew arrived at Long and McQuade's (the original store on Bloor St in Toronto) before I did.  When I walked in the door the crew informed me that they had already picked out my guitar.  You can imagine my reply as I informed them only I could choose my own guitar.  Then they handed me "My Baby" for the first time and it was love at first lic.  In 2018 I will have played her for 40 years! "My Baby" is the guitar for me because I don't have to think when I play her.  She is never 'in the way' between me and the music.  An invisible that's worth more than any amount of money!  And yes, amazingly, the road crew did pick her out!
(More "My Baby" stories to follow). B.D..

The Story of "My Baby" Gibson SG Guitar

The Basics

  • 1978 Gibson SG Standard
  • Seymour Duncan Pickups
  • Marshall JCM 800 50 Watt Lead Combo (1980's)
  • Fender Deluxe - Hot Rod Deluxe (2015 Standard Issue, No Modifications)


Phone: 204-792-7595

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